The Foundation of The Old Guard Announces Changes to its Board of Directors

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The Foundation of The Old Guard, Inc. (FOGI) has had a remarkable first full year of operation.  In just a few months, the organization stood up, generated tens of thousands of dollars of donations, and awarded tens of thousands of dollars of grants for a wide variety of charitable purposes assisting the 3d Infantry Regiment's soldiers, veterans, and families.  We are proud by how far the Foundation has come and humbled by the its successes. 

We've literally built the foundation of the Foundation over the past year.  As we look ahead to building FOGI to its potential, we have extended invitations to a few distinguished persons to join our board and help us build.  We are fortunate that the following persons have accepted a position on our board:

  • Greg Gardner was the Regiment's 71st Commanding Officer and currently serves as The Old Guard's Honorary Colonel of the Regiment.
  • Brett Reistad is a veteran of the Regiment, former President of The Old Guard Association, and past National Commander of the American Legion.
  • Harry Wimbrough was the Regiment’s Command Sergeant Major and currently serves as The Old Guard’s Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment
  • Jason Garkey was the Regiment's 81st Regimental Commander and presently serves as the Chief Security Officer for Momentus Space.
  • Greg Johnson served as the Regiment's Logistics Officer (S4) and now works in the U. S. Department of Commerce.  Greg brings with him more than 40 years of civic, professional, and military experience to the job. 
  • These new teammates are just who FOGI needs to build the Foundation to its full potential.  We look forward to their service.

Unfortunately, along with these additions to the board, Phil "Flip" Godfrey and Marty Cassidy, two of FOGI's founding board members, are leaving the board so they can pursue other interests. 

Marty Cassidy joined the FOGI board at its founding.  Marty served on the board and previously served as president of The Old Guard Association (TOGA).  He was one of the driving forces to establish TOGA's scholarship program to help soldiers in 3d Infantry Regiment pursue their education.  Put simply, Marty was a natural choice to help lead FOGI.  On the FOGI board, Marty has oriented on the creation of the Foundation's scholarship program that will focus on veterans of the Regiment and family members of soldiers and veterans of the Regiment. 

Others certainly helped visualize FOGI, but "Flip" Godfrey nurtured the concept, brought it to life, and managed it day to day as the Foundation's president.  He took FOGI from something that existed in the minds of a few of the Regiment’s veterans to a functional nonprofit charitable organization.  Flip found potential donors, interested them in the possibilities, and gained commitments from them to contribute to the Foundation's vision.  He designed the website, drafted the mission statement, and found fruitful ways for FOGI to use the funds generously donated to the Foundation.  Flip Godfrey is the father of FOGI.  While Flip will remain on FOGI's Advisory Committee, helping raise funds for the Foundation, his fundamental contributions will be sorely missed.

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