TOG Important Dates

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June 14, 1775

Army Birthday

Honoring our soldiers' legacy of service.

September 21, 1784

TOG Birthday

Celebrating the foundation of The Old Guard.

August 20, 1794

Battle of Fallen Timbers

Commemorating valor in the face of adversity.

July 25, 1814

Battle of Lundy’s Lane

Remembering soldiers' courage in historic battle.

September 12-13, 1847

Battle of Chapultepec

Honoring bravery in the fight for freedom.

September 17, 1862

Battle of Antietam

Paying tribute to sacrifice on hallowed ground.

July2, 1863

Battle of Gettysburg

Remembering the turning point in the Civil War.

April, 1898

Battle with Spain

Recognizing bravery in the Spanish-American conflict.

February, 1899

Philippine Insurrection

Saluting soldiers' dedication in the Philippines.

November 21, 1921

WWI Unknown Interment

Honoring the fallen who remain unknown.


Buff Strap approved as unit insignia

Emblematic of The Old Guard's tradition and pride.

1941, Summer

World War II American Theatre

Commemorating soldiers' contributions in WWII.

March, 1945

World War II Northern France

Paying tribute to soldiers' bravery in France.

April 9, 1946

World War II, Berlin Occupying Force

Honoring service in post-war Germany.

November 20, 1946

TOG Inactivated

Remembering the end of an era.

April 6, 1948

TOG Reactivated, Washington, D.C.

Renewing the legacy in Washington, D.C.


Korean War

Saluting soldiers' valor in the Korean conflict.


U.S. Army Drill Team organized

Celebrating precision and discipline.

May 28, 1958

WWII and Korean Unknown interments

Honoring the unidentified fallen.


Cockade approved as unit insignia

Symbolizing The Old Guard's heritage and dedication.


The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp organized

Premier musical organizations of the US Army

November 25, 1963

President John F. Kennedy Interment

Paying respects to a fallen leader.


2nd & 4th Battalions activated for Vietnam War

Answering the call of duty.

February, 1969

Tet 69 Offensive

Remembering soldiers' valor during Tet.

December, 1973

Commander-in-Chief’s Guard organized

Safeguarding the nation's leaders.

May 28, 1984

Viet Nam Unknown Interment

Honoring the unidentified fallen from Vietnam.

November 1, 1994

289th Military Police Company integrated into regiment

Strengthening the regiment.

May 14, 1998

Viet Nam Unknown Disinterment

Revealing the identity of a fallen hero.

September 17, 1999

Viet Nam Unknown Crypt dedicated to all Viet Nam Unknowns

Remembering all Vietnam Unknowns.

November, 2003

2nd Battalion deploys to Iraq

Serving with honor and valor.

March, 2007

1st Battalion deploys to The Horn of Africa

Extending protection and aid.

September 11, 2011

TOG provides force protection and search/rescue at the Pentagon

Providing security and rescue.

Last Monday in May

Memorial Day

Honoring and remembering our fallen heroes.

July 4th

Independence Day

Celebrating our nation's freedom and resilience.

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