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The Foundation facilitated an important event on September 22nd during the TOGA 25th Anniversary Muster. We were contacted by Bob Manning who was the Squad Leader of Corporal Michael Follland who received the Medal of Honor for his ultimate sacrifice in the Viet Nam War. Bob requested we facilitate a visit to Joint Base Meyer - Henderson Hall for the sister of CPL Folland, Mrs. Judy Alexander. Judy had only just become aware that the TOG HQ was named for her brother and wanted to visit. It was an honor and very moving to assist and meet her. You'll see in the photos that Regimental Commanding Officer, COL David Rowland, met with Judy to give her the background and assisted her in actually experiencing "Folland Hall".

Thank you to Bob Manning for the outreach and thank you to Judy for her visit. It was a very memorable experience. 

There are only 4 Medal of Honor recipients in TOG history. More details can be found about them at the following link:

Folland Hall1

TOG Commander COL Rowland and Foundation President Flip Godfrey, greet Mrs. Alexander.

Folland Hall2Folland Hall3Folland Hall4Folland Hall5


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