The recently established Foundation of The Old Guard proudly announces that it is commencing operations on Memorial Day, 2022.

The Virginia-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation was established to support the 3d United States Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), the Soldiers who serve there, their families, and veterans of the Regiment. Donations from individuals and corporations are tax-deductible.

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Foundation Officers and Directors

Philip Godfrey, Foundation President – Baton Rouge, LA

“Flip” Godfrey is the past-President of The Old Guard Association and a veteran of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment. He is a past president of another national nonprofit, served on the U.S Olympic Committee and was a long-time intercollegiate athletics administrator.

Joseph Buche, Colonel, US Army Retired, Foundation Secretary– Columbia, MD

Joe Buche is a former Regimental Commander of The Old Guard and a Distinguished Member of the 3d (and 187th) Infantry Regiments.  He retired from the Army after serving 30 years on active duty and now performs in leadership positions in charities and veteran’s organizations.

Ralph Jones, Foundation Treasurer – Oakton, VA

Ralph Jones is also an officer in The Old Guard Association and a veteran of the 3d Infantry Regiment He and his wife formed a very successful real estate practice in Northern Virginia following his 33-year career in the land development consulting engineering industry.

Martin Cassidy, Foundation Director – New Rochelle, NY

Martin "Marty" Cassidy is a past President of the Old Guard Association and has been named a Distinguished Member of the Regiment.  He is CEO of a private security firm and served in municipal law enforcement for many years.

The mission set of The Old Guard is enormous. Foremost, her Soldiers take our fallen heroes to their final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery multiple times each day.

The Regiment is also well-known for its ceremonial responsibilities in and around Washington D.C. The Old Guard accomplishes all of this is in addition to its security responsibilities for the National Capital Region and training to maintain infantry warfighting skills. The sacrifices and commitment of the Soldiers and Families of The Old Guard to this broad, difficult, and critical mission set merits our support.

As the Foundation declared that it was commencing operations, President Godfrey said “I could not be more pleased to be making this announcement. It is especially meaningful to be making it on this Memorial Day Holiday when all Americans honor the fallen heroes of our military. The tempo of Old Guard operations, the historic nature of their infrastructure, the unique challenges associated with an infantry regiment stationed in metropolitan Northern Virginia, and the critical nature of their mission are distinct and warrant the kind of assistance our Foundation will provide. The Foundation looks forward to working with our donors and partners in addressing the needs of the Regiment."

Support the Soldiers, Soldier families, and veterans of the 3d US Infantry Regiment

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